Simon decided to set up a monthly food swap event in Hertford after visiting one in St Albans. At the St Albans swap he took home-made chutney and marmalade, met lots of interesting people and came home with all sorts of delicious things: a bottle of elderflower cordial, a bag of wild damsons, some lovely cakes…

So, we held our first food swap event at Hertford Museum on 24th May 2014. After a few months a few of the swappers realised that they were swapping home brewed beer for other home brew beer and this gave rise, after several serious planning meetings while drinking beer to the Hertford Brewer club. The brewers meet on a monthly basis and you can see more about them on the relevant tab above.

Since 2015 we’ve had an annual community apple pressing generally obtaining around 80 to 120 litres of apple juice but it’s hard to be sure how much due to the amount that is drunk straight from the spigot (in cups obviously).

People join our, admittedly slightly loose, association for many reasons; interests in local food, having gluts of fruit/veg or specific products, liking to cook/grow or brew. We have a regular food & produce swap, on the first Saturday of the month, upstairs at Mudlarks Cafe, Railway Street, Hertford; except for October when we coincide with the Hertford Food Festival. The foodswap and brewers events are all free

We are interested in all things food and drink related so if you have an idea for other events please let us know